Rogers + Labarthe Architects | Southgate Addition

Southgate Addition

This residence began life as a one and a half story cottage in Houston’s Southgate Subdivision. Designed in the early 1930’s by┬áSam H. Dixon, Jr., and A. B. Ellis, it sits on a corner lot about two blocks south of Rice University’s southern entrance.

For the present owners, RLA extended and renovated the house, effectively doubling its area. The addition preserved the one and a half story form and massing of the original house, and was located to preserve a significant oak tree. The expansion includes two new porches, a family room, utility zone and garage downstairs, along with a master suite, guest suite and study alcove, above. In addition, the original kitchen was transformed, other existing spaces rejuvenated and the building envelope upgraded, incorporating new energy-saving/maintenance-reducing features.